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Total Health Systems of St. Clair Shores is located at 30045 Harper Avenue, ½ mile north of 12 Mile Road. Our St. Clair Shores location offers a combination of health and wellness services found nowhere else in the area. Our patients enjoy pain relief as well as the tools, education, and support needed to achieve sustaining health and wellness. Our chiropractic services, medical services, physical therapy, personal training, massage therapy, physician supervised weight loss, nutrition counseling, and other wellness services are the foundation of our holistic approach to optimal health of the whole body. We have combined the services of various healthcare practices at our St. Clair Shores location to offer our patients the most convenient and enjoyable experience possible.

Total Health Systems in St. Clair Shores has been in existence since 1982. It originally started as Failla Chiropractic Clinic. Dr Jack Failla graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1958. He practiced Chiropractic for 58 years before retiring at the age of 85. He designed and built this building himself in 1985. His philosophy has always been to work with people beyond pain relief, to work to improve the function of the body as a whole. In 2015, Failla Chiropractic Clinic became Total Health Systems. He has developed a strong committed patient base that has continued their Chiropractic care with Total Health Systems, because of the Chiropractic values that Dr Failla has instilled in them.

The professionals at Total Health Systems in St. Clair Shores created the holistic treatment program on the foundation that chiropractic care and massage therapy should be used in partnership with traditional medical services. That’s why we also added nutrition, physical therapy, and fitness to our primary chiropractic services. We want to give our patients the absolute best healthcare in the most convenient way, with our one-stop shop.

At Total Health Systems St. Clair Shores, we don’t simply look at each individual health issue or disease as conventional medicine does; we provide a holistic approach that combines multiple practices to offer both short-term, corrective results and long-term wellness. We start by focusing on relieving any acute and chronic pain with corrective joint dysfunction and nervous system coordination through chiropractic. Physical therapy looks at muscle imbalance, while corrective exercise builds and maintains healthy muscle and tissue, and massage, stretching, and joint mobilization gently breaks down and loosens muscles. This careful step-by-step system delivers both short-term pain relief and long-term sustainability for true health and wellness.

Nutrition and supplement recommendation fills any gaps in our patient’s diet and completes our total health and wellness program. As a facility that specializes in looking at the whole body of the patient, the professionals at Total Health Systems of St. Clair Shores address every issue, pain point, and concern and deliver long-lasting results.

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